lauantai 26. maaliskuuta 2016

EU-Star Wars?

Is Juncker Supreme Chancellor Palpatine who calls for a mighty EU-army to oppress any opposition or rival separatists? The very of its own has made European Union more and more despised and weak in front of its subjects and neighbours. In EU they don't bother to ponder, what has been the role of its own inept policy in the East within the difficulties with Russia. The idealism of naive humanism has open the borders for invaders. Once built that army could be an essential istrument against any separatist movement in Europe.

Juncker is calling army for breaking and artificial
Union. Is he just a real life Palpatine who is searching
the ways to carry out New World Order? Now he has an
execuse in the European chaos.
During the current affairs program of the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation the experts recently asked themselves about the measures to increase the common European identity of young Europeans rather than their national values, the legacy of their homelands. In the background were the Brussels blood work, so the ultimate content of the words could go unnoticed from viewers. Our free trade area has digressed too far from its original values in seeking to create a continent-wide federation. The Union has the gallant dreams of a new human being, for which the hometown or province means nothing. The only religion for that new European human would be to serve the commercial needs and megatrends.

Acting for its goals Unionists forget the basic elements of human nature and needs. Atheists refuse to recognize the power of religions, because they do not mean anything to them. Striving for the creation pan-European human or ethos just in few decades is violence and doomed to failure. The EU is not going to be the new religion. The religious groups fighting each others would not be able to forced fit together by the directives. The very nature of the religions is to be the group against the others. The belief itself is something else but that individual element does not mean the whole group.

As we remember Palpatine spoke about peace and democracy when he was taking the absolutic power. Same way have our unionists repeated time to time how nice time of the peace we have lived in Europe. In fact that peace time saga is false. We have had wars in Balkan. European countries have taken part to colonial wars and campaigns against the terrorism. Dictators worldwide have been as targets to kill, not without wars. The consepts of front or home front have altered since WWII. Uncontrolled immigration and especially the arrival of strange religious community representatives swarms into our continent is a violently shaping European societies, way of which previously required open war. We can legitimately ask whether this is just a case of another kind of warfare than before. For example, in Finland it was found as early as a couple of years ago that the economy has not been equally poor condition ever since the war than it is now.

EU leaders will see nightmares about Brexit, as it threatens to open the road of discontent and yearning for freedom of discharge. As I mentioned at the beginning of television programs were found, the pan-European identity is nothing more than empty political mantra. Selfish individualistic opportunism does not create any cohesion forces, because living in the world of the success every man next to you is essentially a competitor. Who can guarantee what kind of leaders in the current EU crisis in Brussels will lift for us? What desperate measures bankers are willing to use in order to maintain artificial and increasingly unpopular Union? Few of us are able to say or understand those papers, which are undersigned by the leaders of the Member States on behalf of their citizens? Receiving the military force Brussels will be able in the future to suppress all independent peoples. The actions will be easy to justify by various agreements .

The threat is clearly visible. Staying under the authority of Brussels is an unprecedented risk. The Federal Government is a lot more than which was presented during the accession negotiations to the public. Is a real life Palpatine himself now calling for the army?

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