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Blackmail and menace toll the Bell for EU

The European Union has already managed to show its true colors. They seek to forge nations into the common mass, and common law over the indepent states. In a sense, it is logical, but sad to notice people to wake grim reality in front of the immigration avalanche. A few years earlier one could hardly have imagined that into this continent could anyone walk without identity papers and to demand the apartments and maintenance from European funds.

Warning sign at East German Border (westbound).  Borders in Europe have tumbled down.More and more of us
probably already miss the times when it was required to prove his or her identity.It is a paradox to note the borders
brought peace and stability.We are now in the EU collective farms. How do we take a couple of step backward?
Photo Stefan Richter / Wikimedia Commons

The Union has become a major dystopia, where the others live from the cry up some mystical accountability. On the verge of bankruptcy eu countries churn billions to the maintenance of migrants, while own people try to carry on with the weakest minimum action input and the fear the continuing cuts in revenues. In the same time unknown young men invading hotels, spas and homes for the elderly marching with their mobile phones stretched out on the streets. European women are instructed, inter alia, to change the dressing in order to newcomers do not lose their nerves. Public swimming pools will not suddenly be able to operate as decades before that.

Leaking borders and their control is controversial. At the same time, in the individual EU countries have had to be take against the attacks, if they have engaged in the border control. Recently the right of self-determination has been violated in Poland. Who could believe that behind that ruckus have been only the changes in the national media companies, or the political appointments of judges, kind of which has also been seen in the Nordic countries. One of the Scandinavian officials has even accused, that the hostile neighboring countries have used refugees as a weapon against the Union. Merkel herself eventually invited all intruders welcome. The attempts to improve border controls have raised speeches from the restriction in the freedom of movement. In fact, I remember the movement of the complete freedom in Europe long before the European Union. I just had to have travel documents and identity. What's wrong with the demand of the real identity and papers, especially in today's world which plagued with terrorism?

Now, therefore the EU is planning to oblige the Nordic countries and the UK to accept more refugees. Expulsion of refugees wouldn´t be a matter for member states any more. Are the costs completely secondary, although many societies Europe are already threaten to collapse? This crisis should finally make clear to everyone that in the EU there is no independent decision-making in member countries.

It has been confusing to watch from the sidelines, how Brussels increase week by week pressure in spite of the approaching the referendum in Britain. It believes that its worldview is the only right and trusts blindly in the unchangeable laws of its own. Their fairy-tale world is, however, collapsing in the pressure of the reality. Britons have a unique opportunity to launch a process so that even something from old Europe could be saved. The taboo must be broken: EU politics is not eternal. Nothing EU agreement is not a divine revelation that could not be changed. We could leave EU without any biblical plague, if we want. The scourge is EU itself. God does not impose that the peoples of Europe should be the doormat of the Brussels bankers .

Living in Nordic I envy as well as encourage the Britons to use their opportunity to teach to Brussels with mortality. Similarly, I feel a deep sense of compassion for Poles and Hungarians. The Federal discipline policy has more and more increased towards them who oppose the supremacy of EU. Brexit would be the reason to let the Bell toll through the mainland and show the direction to the rest of us. Of course, changes could be painful, but much greater the pain is in European Union.

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