keskiviikko 16. joulukuuta 2015

The afterglow in Cloud-cuckoo-land

Inevitably, I have more journey behind me than in front of me. Time has come to consider what to tell about my country to people I´ve occasionally encountered. To my regret, I have to say my message is completely something else than thirty-years earlier.

I was born in a country that incredibly managed to balance between East and West. Around me brave men finished their working lives after sacrificing the best of their youth at the borders, fighting, lest they be swept over by the crowd, which would largely shaped our society into a supranational dictatorship. It was a country which developed industry and services for the people of its own, knowing the limited resources. At the same time people knew of hard work to produce results. This deficiency was running out.

After the war, the people built schools and hospitals. Politicians supported affordable housing, which allowed the low-price rental housing. People were able to relocate to the cities in search of work, even part of the neighboring country. In the midst of all the pain was still hope for something better. Our politicians held their own in negotiations with the big eastern neighbor, and international relations improved.

Then something fateful happened precisely in those years when I began to prepare to participate in the construction of this country . Our leaders were fatally infected. They sold their souls on the altar of internationalism. At the same time they came to be guided, to ensure their own international career and polish our reputation abroad despite the damage done to our people.

During couple of decades the best part of our heritage was demolished, a common and unified nation. So, the railways, postal activities and common health care was almost shut down. Training has been crushed by the constantly restructuring. The Establishment for cheap rental housing co-operatives have begun aspiring to become the stock exchange and to pursue the enormous commercial profits. Politicians have decided that our people set an example to the whole world morality, according to which self-die sooner than compromising idealistic humanism of their own people's sake. So, now we are leaders in living expenses and our salary level is quite low comparing that.

Yet, the workers reportedly earn too much. Factories are transferred abroad. The automation is brought to every sector of life. Automat is on the checkouts, banks and soon cars. Robots perform the factory job. More and more people without any share are staggering through the streets and alleys.

Our political leaders swear by the European Union and the euro in the name. That political currency suppress all economic life forces. The borders will not be able to close the people, which should compete for non-existent jobs with the native unemployed. For the benefit of strangers politicians are giving the sparse homes in towns. The reception centers are established to municipalities against the will of the people. Happenings in small places suffer, because there do not exist any available accommodation left. So, how could they earn money? The opposition is accused of racism and Nazism. A strange religion is gaining momentum and requires a change in traditions. They say that the law does not allow to expel even the worst evil-doers.

So, my friends in the world, this is life we have here in my country. Leaders live in a different reality than the people. This country and the entire continent is expecting the destructive explosion. If I had to advise, I urge you to stay away from here. My sorrow is deep.


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  1. To my horror, I've to confirm what Euvototaivas has written here. Our once glorious, if small nation is today in shame and shadow. We are not going to survive this rotten regime of ours. It is a real ethnic clensing against Finnish people which is happening here.